In March 2020, Governor Whitmer gave an order to stay home, forcing non-essential businesses and workers to stay home. For their order, see EO 2020-21. Less than two hours later, the Michigan Supreme Court issued an order to set time limits for the commencement of all civil and post-legislative proceedings. For the order of the Court of Justice, see AO 2020-3. The defendants requested that the other two parties be dismissed because they were not parties to the toll agreement and, consequently, the limitation period for the claimant`s claims against them had expired. However, the Court of Procedure rejected the defendant`s claim and found that the relevant part of the toll agreement did not concern a particular party, but rather cited the objective of the toll agreement to `protect its rights as a result of the limitation periods in force`. A toll agreement describes several facts concerning the date on which the appeal can be lodged. In addition to entering into an agreement suspending the limitation period and the rest period, a toll agreement includes an “end date”. The parties agree to waive by mutual agreement the limitation period and the rest period and that no appeal shall be brought after a specified date or after having reached a particular condition. This waiver allows the parties to examine and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the counterparty`s business and its own, allowing for more judicious negotiations. Maryland does not allow fair statute of limitations and only writes the statute of limitations if the legislature has created an exception to its application.