The Employment Assistance Program (PEA) is a free, confidential and voluntary counselling service that is made available to RFDS staff and their direct family members. The aim is to help solve personal and work-related problems that may affect their work performance or quality of life. Click here for more information. “I assure Victorians who rely on these health services that there will be no risk to the health and safety of patients.” This is a very disrespectful salary offer from such an important iconic health service,” she said. The result of the vote was announced on Monday 2 November. Of those who voted in the vote, nearly 60% voted against their iconic employer`s proposed agreement. They also removed the current definition and classification of registered nurse from the proposed agreement. As part of the business negotiations, the iconic health service, on which many regional and rural Victorians rely, wants to pay up to US$220, or 16.8 per cent per week, to ambulance attendants who are also registered nurses, depending on their launch date. The NSMA argued that this meant that the proposed agreement did not adequately recognize the skills and experience of registered nurses and raised concerns about their scope of practice in carrying out their role. At the same time as the start of the dispute, on Thursday, October 29, the very popular Royal Flying Doctors Service presented its proposed company agreement, including the two-tier unfair wage system, to an employee vote.

The current agreement reached its nominal expiry date in July 2017. Our employment contracts Our employees are subject to company agreements. Feel free to save the agreement that applies to you for your documents. “All Victorians expect much better from health services, which are highly respected and popular health facilities,” said Fitzpatrick, said Lisa Fitzpatrick, secretary of the Australian Federation of Nursing and Midwifery (Victorian Branch). The ANMF remains available to resume negotiations for a fair agreement for all patient transport agents (including registered nurses), patient transport attendants (including registered nurses) and critical care nurses. Due to their current tax status, RFDS (Central Operations) are able to offer their employees an attractive salary conditioning service. The Community Business Bureau (CBB) has been tasked by the RFDS (Central Operations) with managing the payroll administration department. For more information about CBB, see below the salary packaging policy.

If you have the right to start your packaging, please contact CBB at 1300 763 505. The Royal Flying Doctors Service broke the tentative agreement in May 2020 and has since proposed a two-tier pay system with new employees who are entitled to significantly lower salaries. REMSERV has been commissioned by the RFDS to manage the management of salary packaging. The RemServ information brochure has been designed to provide more details on the packaging services available. You can also visit the De Remserv website for more information by logging into “My Employer Hub” and typing the employer code of “rfds” for more information….