You can also contact your staff representative or the nearest regional office to get a copy of your collective agreement. Here is a list of all the regional offices. The EU submitted the application for certification on 23 June 2017. Determining whether a staff member was a part-time or part-time teacher on that day is critical to determining the outcome of the application. The Union had to prove that it had a certificate of membership for at least 35% of the employees in the collective agreements unit on that date. If the Union did not meet this threshold, the OLRB would dismiss the complaint. The colleges presented nicknames for a significantly higher number of workers than the union had anticipated when the application was submitted in the bargaining unit. The EU questioned the status of more than 3,000 workers and said they should either be excluded from the list or that the names of others should be added. While any event may have an impact on the outcomes of future cases, these decisions should provide a degree of confidence that the assignment of additional tasks, such as the development of curricula or the coordination of functions under a separate contract, would likely not affect the status of the staff bargaining unit.

This should benefit part-time or part-time workers, who may be given additional duties and benefit from an increase in the number of hours worked. The OLRB`s decision can also have a significant impact on the application for part-time academic certification. The parties are continuing their in-depth review of employment information, with the support of the OLRB, to determine whether the Union has reached the 35% threshold that would allow the ballot boxes to open. Higher education institutions should also recognize that individuals who have only a program development contract or a coordination contract are duly taken into account in the part-time bargaining unit of support staff, since they do not teach. Only people with contact periods and consultants are included in full-time or part-time bargaining units. In the last round of academic negotiations, Article 26.10 was amended to give part-workers greater rights to recruit future subload contracts. When a college decides to create a partial charge allowance, this becomes necessary: the Union relied heavily on an arbitration award in 2018 (St. Lawrence College) to support its argument that these ancillary hours should be taken into account in deciding who was in or out of the bargaining unit for the certification application.

In this award, the arbitrator found that a part-time employee could count on her additional hours of coordination to state that she was “teaching” more than 12 hours per week. As a result, the teacher has been transferred to normal full-time teacher status. (Note that after the publication of this award, colleges were warned not to add part-time or part-time contracts or to coordinate contracts, as these hours could change the status of the employee (see College update of April 23, 2018).) You can find a PDF version of your current collective agreement here: 2017-2021 Academic Collective Agreement. Between these two groups of employees are the partial load instructors.