My father collected money (90,000) from one of my parents and this person took signs over tampon on ON DEMAND PAPER (at that time nothing was written on it). And my father paid interest of 3%/month. from the last 3 years due to a financial issue, he was unable to pay regular monthly interest (he was paying a portion). And recently, my relative took over my father`s signature on stamp paper and on request paer (which was completely empty). My father was not educated, so he didn`t see anything and signed blindly. Will we have a problem with that in the future? A loan agreement is a contract between the borrower and the lender that sets the terms for the borrower to make a loan. A loan can be taken by a credit institution, friends, family member, etc. Hello Srikanth, this is a very informative article. I have a request that I took 23 L, real estate credit from a bank .

Today, a friend of ours says he can lend us money to close this loan, and we have to pay back the same without interest. As a Muslim, he may not like to earn or spend on interest. So if we borrow money from him, what could be tax and how can we save taxes? because we don`t give it tax problems and the same for us. He has a savings account from which he can lend UA via the RGS or the cheque. Greetings, Dear Karthik, thanks for the reply. We are concerned about whether we should pay all taxes if my friend transfers money to my account. And for the latter, what will help us the PN or the credit contract? Mr. Shrikanth, a year and a half ago, my friend was in trouble.

I`ve arranged 10 lakes from my other friend for him. I took checks and promised sorry note of the same amount. now my friend asks for the total amount and a person I gave will not come back. My friends gave me a month to pay the full amount. Taking into account, I have both the change of sola and check with Whats Chat App to prove it has my money. can I get the full amount of legal root in 1 month? Sir answer, please. dear sreekanth. Thank you for the useful information.

I have a question. I have an agreement with my sister for a real estate bill, that she will pay me 70 lakhs, and we will make a deal.