Section 2. Union members of level 23 or higher, as well as those who are excluded from the previous section and who have opted for this agreement or those who, because of their religion, cannot be members, are entitled to the same benefits and privileges that ordinary members of the Union can receive and benefit from, provided that the agency tax is set by the Union or deducted from their salary. AGENCE and UNION have agreed to sign and conclude a formal agreement on terms acceptable to both parties, which can be agreed upon below, in order to create a fair, human-friendly, fair and harmonious work environment, to ensure maximum productivity, to ensure health and safety and to ensure the best interest for services as a means of promoting the relationship between work and management and to achieve an authentic, honest and quality public service. CONSIDERING that the local administration unit of the city of Naga supports the right of workers to self-organization and collective bargaining; Section 1. All workers who are members of the Union at the time of the signing of this agreement, as well as workers who become members of the Union during their validity, retain a good reputation for membership. Section 5. The parties foster a progressive and harmonious relationship and maintain the intent and spirit of this agreement. Section 1. The parties hereafter agree that the conditions set out in the agreement constitute the whole agreement between THE AGENCE and UNION and that they succeed any prior communications, assurances or agreements, either orally or in writing, provided they violate or reject the conditions set out in it. The economic benefits provisions are renegotiated after a period of one (1) year. Section 7. Increase in existing benefits. THE AGENCE also plans to appropriately increase existing benefits for its public servants and employees and, for this agreement, to grant UNION members a staffing of P5,000.00 per year, on which the first 50 per cent are released each June and the remaining 50% in December.

Section 2. If, during the course of this agreement, certain provisions are deemed appropriate and beneficial to civil servants and workers, changes are made, introduced and/or introduced, subject to the agreement of both parties. CONSIDERING that Executive Order 180, adopted on 1 June 1987, authorizes the Agency`s accredited management and union to enter into collective bargaining on conditions of employment not set by law; CONSIDERING that workers` rights to self-organization and collective bargaining are fully recognized and guaranteed in three separate provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution: Section 1. The AGENCE recognizes the Union as the exclusive and exclusive representative of all high-level workers in all collective bargaining on workers and the rights, benefits and privileges of union members. The AGENCE provides the Union with an appropriate office for the conduct of its activities, activities and implementation of this agreement with office furniture and necessary equipment on the premises of the Naga City Hall site and includes in its annual budget the operating and maintenance costs of the Union office, including water, electricity, domestic arts, office supplies and the use of office equipment. “It guarantees the right of all workers to self-organization, collective bargaining and bargaining, as well as to concerted peaceful activities, including the right to strike in accordance with the law. They are entitled to safety, inhumane working conditions and a living wage. They also participate in political and decision-making processes that infringe their rights and benefits, as required by law.┬áSection 6.