A typical “trap” is often that customers sign a 2-year contract, then forget about it and then it gets automatically extended year after year (sometimes even with raising rates!). Often the cancellation periods are easy to miss as some providers require you to cancel even 3 months before the contract ends – and if you miss, you are tied for another year. And in fact, most cheap offers are only available with a long-term contract. And below the table, I give you also some general hints and best practices for making a contract with a German internet provider. DSL is the most often one: It uses your phone line. If the contract name in the table does not contain cable or mobile, it’s a DSL connection. In case you move to another place during that time, you are allowed by law to transfer your contract to your new place. And if the provider cannot offer its service at your new place (or if they can offer only a slower connection) then you have the right to cancel the contract before (German: Sonderkündigungsrecht). Your monthly payments will be automatically withdrawn from that bank account per direct debit (Lastschrift). If that sounds dangerous to you, then don’t be worried: It’s very normal in Germany, plus you usually have the right to undo such with withdrawals.

Read more on Wikipedia about Lastschrift. Check24 is one of the biggest German comparison service: They compare not only Internet providers but also electricity and gas contracts for your home. And not only do they compare the various providers on the market – they often also have exclusive deals. So it can be cheaper to order a contract via Check24 than on the contract provider’s own website. Don’t worry, now the provider will think about you when the contract is about to end, and make you nice offers to keep you as their customer. To avoid that, and especially if you are a forgetful person, cancel your long-term contract in advance, maybe even immediately after signing. Here’s some bad news: Starting a DSL contract can take up to 3 weeks because your provider often first needs to get back to the company owning the phone lines in your house. Many of the cheap offers come with a Cashback: This means that Check24 will pay you back some money after you’ve successfully ordered the contract. For that, you need to send your first monthly bill of your internet provider per mail to dsl-bonus@check24.de. After checking that bill, they will transfer the Cashback money to your bank account.

If you have doubts about signing a 2-year contract, here’s what you should know: On the first page, you will see the whole contract details summarized again: A table will list all the costs, separated by einmalig (one-time) and monatlich (monthly). Many internet connections never use their full bandwidth, so before you subscribe to you own contract paying maybe 20 EUR per month, you might consider finding a friendly neighbour who is willing to share his or her connection for maybe 10 EUR. One big issue is often: “For how long should I commit to a provider? Really for 2 years? Maybe I’m moving out before.” So some people prefer a short-term contract, even if it means paying more. preis24 bietet Ihnen Top Deals aus den Bereichen Mobilfunk und DSL sowie weitere Special Deals wie Angebote für junge Leute, Handy-Schnäppchen mit Vertrag oder günstige Stromtarife. Unsere große Auswahl neuester Geräte namhafter Hersteller wie Apple, Samsung, HTC oder Huawei sorgt dafür, dass auch für Sie das richtige Smartphone oder Tablet mit Vertrag dabei ist. Die smarte Deal-Plattform preis24 zeigt Ihnen die spannendsten Angebote mit sehr gutem Preis-Leistungsverhältnis übersichtlich und transparent. Einsteiger Tarife, Allnet-Flatrates oder Internet für Zuhause – bei preis24 ist für jeden der richtige Deal dabei. Sie sind ein typischer „Vieltelefonierer“, der sein Handy für ausgiebiges Surfen im unterwegs sowie für lange Telefonate in alle deutschen Netze nutzt und zusätzlich viele SMS verschickt? Dann sind die günstigen Allnet-Flatrates der unterschiedlichsten Anbieter genau das Richtige für Sie.